Sticking to a single hue when selecting flowers for a bouquet may sound like a dull plan to some people. Why pick one color when you can have red roses, yellow daisies, and purple hydrangea together in one vase? But Roger’s top designers know that monochromatic floral arrangements can be one of the best ways to create elegance, interest and even drama.

“In general, you don’t want to put in every color of the rainbow,” said Opal Sullivan, Floral Studio Manager for Roger’s Gardens. “Some people think of going monochromatic as boring, but if they can pick up on the beauty and look of each individual type of flower, it can be calmer on the eye and have a more classic, sophisticated look.”

Sullivan explained that a monochromatic arrangement starts with a single hue, such as red or blue, and then includes flowers in tints, tones and shades within that color family. With a neutral palette, the subtle differences among the individual blooms and shapes are highlighted.

“The beauty of the individual flower itself stands out more because there’s such a smooth transition between the colors, and they complement each other,” Sullivan explained. “You can appreciate the petal patterns, textures and different shapes.”

Sullivan offered these tips for putting together a stunning monochromatic flower arrangement:

  • Start by picking a favorite color, or a color that goes well with your setting, linens or special event.
  • Create interest by picking a variety of flowers in the same color family that have different size and shape petals.
  • Stay away from picking flowers in complementary colors, such as purple and yellow or red and green.
  • Decide if you want your main color to be either “warm” or “cool,” depending on the setting and the effect you want to create. Cool arrangements usually have blue undertones, whereas “warm” arrangements have red undertones.
  • One of the most classic monochromatic color schemes uses whites and crèmes, which are popular for weddings and bridal showers.
  • For more impact, consider adding different elements of nature with your flowers, such as succulents, berries on stems, seashells, etc.

To order a monochromatic flower design, or any floral arrangement, contact the Floral Studio at Roger’s Gardens.