Still on trend is the casual approach to decorating in a bohemian style.  In the past, it was all about blending bright colors and mixed patterns in an abandoned manner, creating an environment that showcased personal style. The evolution for this décor trend for 2019 has greatly shifted with the focus now being on patterns and textures more than the color palette.  It is easier to adopt this style into your home when the colors are in the neutral family.


Feel free to group together different styles and motifs, as long as the color range is in the neutrals.  These Chinese porcelain ginger jars are displayed together and decorated with traditional motifs next to modern geometrics.

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Adding accent pillows is the easiest way to transform your room   into a casual Boho style.  Mixing patterns along with textures is an important component in achieving this gathered global look.


The ongoing trend of houseplants is an important part to achieve the boho spirit in your home.  Show off your favorite plants by grouping them together in natural colorations of modern indoor planters.

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Natural Accents

Look no further than nature to find your next decorative object.  Natural crystals, agates, and marble are transformed into boxes, votives, and luxury decor accents

to decorate your coffee tables and bookcases.

Animal Prints

Vibrant animal prints are a natural choice to bring interesting patterns that will blend well together.  Pillows are an easy way to add in the bold designs, and accent tables and benches.