With the increased desire to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces, the quality of outdoor patio & deck furniture sets has improved dramatically. Styles and fabrics may look like something designed for a living room, however technically it has been constructed to stand up to damaging outdoor elements. That being said, there are still measures one should follow to maintain the original beauty and increase longevity of use of your patio furniture.

A prime example would be Garden furniture made from Teak, the most popular wood for outdoors. You can actually control its appearance by how you choose to care for it.

Teak furniture requires low maintenance when weathered naturally, producing a distinctive silvery gray finish. A rinse with a hose is sufficient for a quick weekly cleanse.

For more stubborn dirt, a mixture of water and a small amount of bleach will remove mold and aid in the overall weathering to achieve an even toned surface, shown as Step 1. In the event that the wood is extremely dirty or stained, use a good cleanser made especially for Teak. If you prefer to keep the golden tone of new Teak furniture there are products designed for this. With new outdoor furniture, simply coat with a protective sealer made for Teak prior to use. This will require a reapplication two or three times a year depending on the amount it is exposed to sun and rain. If your Teak furniture pieces are already weathered and gray, use a Teak cleanser first to remove most of the gray, example shown as step 2. Then touch up with light sanding for stubborn spots. Once the gray is gone, you can apply a protectant that will revive the faded gold, as shown in Step 3.  Follow this with the sealer as described above. Avoid using polishes or oil-based products, as this can cause mildew or irregular color.

Whether it’s silvery gray or golden, it’s completely your choice. Whichever style you choose, you can expect many years of enjoyment with Teak furniture in your outdoor living space.