On Trend For 2019


White is the color of choice for 2019 for outdoor living furniture and accessories; Any shade of white from polar to cream. Start with a neutral palette, but mix it up using colorful accessories, textiles & outdoor planter arrangements.

Turquoise is a prominent color for this summer. It always adds a unique style and it lends itself well to furniture, pillows and dinnerware.

Gray is still the neutral color of choice for this season; it’s everywhere… My personal advice is to layer-in multiple tones of gray that range from light to dark. For example your patio furniture frame color may be a dark woven material and your pillows and cushions may be a lighter or even darker tone. This will deepen the contrast and create interest.

Small Space Entertaining:

It can be challenge to create enough seating in smaller spaces when entertaining family and friends. One solution for intimate gatherings is to use sectional seating that can be versatile and spacing saving.  Remember, a well-designed and thoughtful space is always inspiring to guests. Space planning is important. Don’t overcrowd the space with too many pieces, but rather use pieces that can double as extra seating or extra dining space throughout the area. Think… fireside chats or cocktails in the courtyard.

Outdoor Living at its Best:

A well designed outdoor space can become “the hub” for many people and their family during spring, summer and fall in Southern California and should be a reflection of their personal style. If you travel the globe, your space could be very eclectic and chic. If you prefer form and function alone, the space could be very modern and minimalist.