Preparing For Your Garden Consultation

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Before meeting with our expert horticulturist about your gardening needs, we highly suggest you prepare for your garden consultation. By doing so, you will benefit more from the overall experience of the consultation and receiving answers for your gardening questions.

Plant Advice

Photos of gardens, plants and styles you prefer are quite helpful when make plant suggestions. Be prepared to realistically answer questions about maintenance expectations, existing irrigations systems, soil quality, etc. Tell us about any plant preferences you have, such as low-water plants, tropical, edible, bird or wildlife friendly, succulent, cottage-garden plants, etc. If pets or children are a factor, please let us know.

Landscape Questions

Bring photos or drawings of the area you wish to have included in your consultation. If possible, measure the area and bring the measurements with you to the consultation.

Site Conditions

Take note of the orientation of the site, such as North, South, East or West facing, and other factors that affect shading, such as trees, buildings and fences.

Irrigation & Maintenance

We can assist you with any questions regarding installation of an irrigation system, modification of your current irrigation system, manual watering, pruning and shaping needs, and much more.

Our expert horticulturists have years of experience and are true professionals. They will thoroughly walk you through the consultation process and make sure they provide you with solid advice and solve your gardening problems.