I love rose bushes in mixed borders growing happily among annuals, perennials and shrubs.  Companion planting adds so much beauty to the garden and gives year round interest. Tall flower spikes and architectural foliage contrasts beautifully with roses.  I can’t imagine spring without foxgloves and delphiniums among my roses.


Add a mixture of foliage and flowers, pairing different shapes and flowers.  Heuchera has incredible foliage in many different colors and leaf patterns.  ‘Marmalade’ Heuchera looks so pretty with the red stems Abelia, burgundy PhormiumOsteospermum, and ‘Sheila’s Perfume’ roses.


I rediscovered Trachelium last summer.  Its purple clouds of tiny flower are so pretty.  I have it combined with ‘Summer Love’ roses, Tanacetum with its lime green foliage, Gaura, red Pentas and Angelonia.


I wish I had a spare corner for only white roses surrounded by silvery, grey and green foliage.  Here with ‘Bolero’ roses.


Salvia, Heliotrope, Scabiosa and Violas are all staples; so reliable and easy to care for and pair well with so many plants.


Señorita Rosalita’ Cleome, lime green Virburnum paired with ‘Twlight Zone’ roses, a pop of yellow Coreopsis, some dusty lavender Ipomoea.  Yum!


Alstromeria is another favorite.  It is wonderful in the garden and will do double duty as a cut flower in your rose bouquets.  ‘Obsidian’ Heuchera – wow, look at that color! It is so pretty combined with ‘Moonstone’ roses, pansy and ‘Silver Streams’ Lobularia.

I haven’t decided what to put behind the boxwood hedge in front of my ‘Crimson Sky’ climbing rose.  Last year it was ‘Señorita Rosalita’ Cleome and looked great.  I’m thinking of doing something different this year.  I have to have ‘Indian Summer’ Rudbeckia somewhere in the garden.  Here?  By itself?  Combined with Penstemon?  With ‘Mystic Spires’ Salvia?  What do you think?


The possibilities are endless.  Plant what you love.