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Roger’s Garden is proud to present the 3rd Annual “Day of Art.” This Springtime event attracts 50 talented artists to paint and draw in the Gardens for the day. A painting by each of the participating artists will be on display and available to the public for purchase. These paintings and drawings will represent their creative interpretation of Roger’s Gardens. This year we will be judging the 50 original artworks and presenting awards and recognitions. All visitors will have the opportunity to be an artist for the day with scheduled workshops and demonstrations! For the event schedule, click here. *In case of rain, this event will be cancelled until further notice.

Schedule of Activities for “Day of Art”

PRINTMAKING WORKSHOP: Printing Posies and Plants
Local artists and art instructors at Saddleback College and Concordia University, Hedy Buzan and Sheryl Seltzer, will teach you to create your own fine art print inspired by the beautiful flowers and plants of the gardens. Guests will draw and transfer to a small relief plate. Then the instructors will ink the plate and allow you to “pull” your own print! This is a rewarding art project for all ages and skill levels.

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Location: Amphitheater

*No reservation necessary, however, it is recommended to arrive early.


Ten awards of excellence will be presented to the 50 participating artists. These artists will be recognized for their outstanding inspirations and interpretation of Roger’s Gardens through their artworks. The judges are local artists, Hedy Buzan Williamson and Sheryl Smith Seltzer. Both are teachers at Saddleback College and Concordia University and have private studios for painting, drawing, and printmaking.

Time: 1:30 PM Location: Outdoor Living Area

DRAWING WORKSHOP: Journal your Garden through Art | Drawing Leaves and Flowers in the Garden
Learn to draw leaves, flowers, and a few drawing secrets from perspectives of botanical art instructors Deborah Shaw, Clara Josephs and Diane Daly. Great workshop for the whole family, as no art experience is required.
All three instructors are members of the American Society of Botanical Artists, along with the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California. They have all taught and been represented throughout the country with many notable museums and cultural centers.

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Location: Amphitheater

*No reservation necessary, however, it is recommended to arrive early.

List of 50 Participating Artists
  • Susan Ballou
  • Barbara Baumgartner
  • Gobind Boyes
  • Hal Briscoe
  • Arlene Cartozian
  • Dorothy Cavanagh
  • Patti Cliffton
  • Bill Crawley
  • Diane Daly
  • Joy Gonzalez
  • Curtis Green
  • Zoe Hadley
  • Jacqueline Hahn
  • Jana Heirendt
  • Christine Hooker
  • Carolyn Hutchins
  • JoAnn Royal
  • Margaret Jamison
  • Clara Josephs
  • Kris Lael Temple
  • Alice Leggett
  • Kathy Leland
  • Margaret Lindsey
  • Kate MacMahon
  • Patricia A. Mark Ed.D
  • Jim McConlogue
  • Christine McNerney
  • Raymond Otis
  • Sue Park
  • Marina Pavovich
  • Laura Rice Robinson
  • Kathleen Robison
  • Ann Marie Rode
  • Linda Ruddy
  • Marilyn Scott-Waters
  • Deborah Shaw
  • Chul Shim
  • Joyce Snyder
  • Albert Stanchfield
  • Terry Stanley
  • Joan Templeton
  • Mark Thompson
  • Marianne Van der Veer
  • Karen Wadsworth
  • Maryana Espe Wagor
  • Steve Wang
  • Lynn Wiederman
  • Esther Williams
  • Joy Willis
  • David Zenger
Artists exhibiting but not attending:
Barbara Davidson | Deborah Harold | Donna Shook | Kathleen Williams