Video and Images of 2019 Spring Celebration 
Check back soon to see the video and images of 2020!

Visit Roger’s Gardens on March 20 – 22, 2020 to view the 2020 Spring Celebration!

Discover nature by celebrating Spring at Roger’s Gardens! Experience a weekend of artistic garden displays, special events, seminars and interactive demonstrations to inspire ideas for your garden and home. Connect with our gardening experts and learn how to rejuvenate your garden by growing abundant rose blooms, creating a bountiful edible garden, landscaping with native plants, and the benefits of nurturing indoor plants. For entertaining inspirations, view beautiful tablescapes, learn from our designers how to make planted arrangements, immerse yourself in Plein Air art, and taste our most popular seasonal gourmet foods.  Our gardens have been inspired by Spring itself with endless photo opportunities. Embrace the season by celebrating beautiful environments, nature, habitats, and sustainable living while learning how to bring nature and beauty into your garden and home.