The word “Springtime” always brings a smile to my friends and family. To me it’s a time of renewal, regrowth and COLOR!  Taking cues from the fashion industry, it seems that florally speaking, Spring 2013 is all about color, texture and pattern.   Here are some of my favorites.

Urban Green – More than ever people desire to bring the outdoors inside and to create a home environment that is hip and modern, yet easy on the senses. Taking inspiration from that philosophy I created this little patch of green heaven using a recycled, repurposed, and reclaimed tree trunk (right), then using “fifty shades” of green to create these envious florals.  Adding just a touch of succulents to the designs adds an unexpected element.

greenUltra Violet – Purple in the garden is a mysterious character to a lot people, you either love it or hate it. I say embrace eggplant, violet and plum and discover the interesting nuances the purple cousins give to floral designs. Use it to create a tone to create a breathtaking purple design. Pictured here are bundled tulips in two shades, eggplant sweet peas, and purple ornamental kale.  As a designer I also love to use it with other colors as well, the dark violet shades take on translucent quality when mixed cool blues, lavender and citron green and they keep the arrangement from appearing too dark.

violetSea Glass and Coral Reef – Creating underwater environments as floral couture is a burgeoning trend for 2013. Working at Roger’s Gardens, located on a bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, it only seems natural that many of our designs are influenced the surf and sand.  To update the style, I split the color themes into two distinct categories for a more cohesive look, one inspired by sea glass and the other by coral reefs.

Sea Glass designs are more textural and vegetative elements than actual flowers, I love to use succulents, grasses and grey foliage’s to create a serene design that feels modern.  Keep the color pallet very neutral with gray, green and the palest blue.

seaglass Coral Reef, like “sea glass” above but with a vibrant color shift that ranges from white, rust, orange and coral colorations.  These designs have the feel of the tropics, but without the palm trees. I like the rugged textures mixed with clear glass and water that make a bold yet earthly statement.

coralWine Country – Everyone’s favorite place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Orange County, whether it’s Napa &Temecula Valley’s  or the Champagne Provences of Southern France, it’s all about the lifestyle statement. This easy, relaxed style of design is deceving in it’s simplicity. Here we have several single statement florals alongside one large scale centerpiece on this famliy style farm table. Colors are rich cabernet, vinyard gold and russet.

wineParis in the Springtime – Right off the runway from Paris, beautiful shades of pinks are the splash of color for this season. Young and fresh tones ranging from coral pink to fuschia are mixed  with lavendar and whites to create signature arrangements. Feel free to add Opulent crystals and gilded accessories complete this look!

parisNautical Blue and Canvas White – Always fresh and classic for springtime entertaining.  We’ve reinvented the tried and true all white floral arrangement and added a punch of blue. Whether you like periwinkle or indigo, just adding a touch of color to these garden style arrangements make them perfect for any occasion.


 By Christopher Nichols, Floral & Lifestyle Manager, Roger’s Gardens