Spring is the perfect chance to bring new life and home décor accents into our surroundings.  After the dreary winter weather, and the last couple of years of the monochromatic design trends, it’s time to not only add color but also personality to the interior of your home.

I have applied this to myself, by stepping back and surveying my all camel and beige color scheme.  It was time to add in some much needed color with shades of red, metallic golds and black accents and even a few modern pieces to bring the perfect room more character and energy.

The big color trend for this year has been blues, in many shades from cobalt to the paler sky colorations.  Blue and white porcelain is an easy way to incorporate this into your existing interior.  Blue and white pieces have been a classic staple décor accent and never seem to go out of style.  Even bringing these large covered jars outside into your gardens can bring new life to these old favorites.

Nautical motifs are also very big in the design industry this year.  They are however updated and presented in a more modern graphic way.  Mix these blue accents with simple glass and silver to bring the feel of the ocean into your living space.

Pale shades of blues in shells and colored sea glass can help reinterpret a monochromatic interior.  Wonderful accents such as wreaths, corals, lanterns and sheer fabrics can be incorporated to bring the casual beach lifestyle indoors.  Add even more color and bring the feeling of the French Rivera into your beach chic home.

The urban vibe has been trending for the last couple of years and has definitely found a home in our contemporary interiors.  I think an easy way to add this look into our existing rooms is through the use of modern lighting.  Just by changing a lamp or adding a pendant fixture you can alter the attitude of a room.  Add in a terrarium and a few indoor plant containers for your interior plants and your living space will feel renewed.

Some great advice was been given to me before about how a room should look collected, not decorated.  I feel that you should always buy what you love and it will find a place in your home.   My goal is to surround myself with what I find beautiful and to create an environment to share with my friends that reflects my personality.