Suzanne_Hetrick copyGrowing up in Orange County, Suzanne learned while watching her father groom his meticulous garden and which instilled in her a life long love of plants and, more importantly, the work involved in having a beautiful garden. She expanded her gardening knowledge while living in Germany for 13 years (brrrrrr…) and when she returned to California (warmth!) she continued developing her plant knowledge and design skills. She enjoys designing gardens for others to enjoy by catering to each person’s ability and/or desires. She is health conscious, vegan, organic gardener and not a bug killer, as she usually throws them back in her garden while yelling, “Good luck!” Suzanne loves all types of plants and usually plants unique finds with tried and true “steady eddies.” Her top five-plant list rotates but always includes asparagus meyeri, astelia chathamica and her latest favorite aloes.