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CA Friendly® Gardening Solutions | A Beautiful Garden using Less Water with Ron Vanderhoff & Tracy Wankner

How can you have a beautiful garden, but with considerably less water? Tracy Wankner and Ron Vanderhoff, long-time water conservation experts, will explain numerous easy, practical and effective techniques on conserving water in your garden, including plant choices, turf considerations,hydro-zones, surface mulching, sprinkler technology, controllers and settings, irrigation efficiency, surface applications, soak cycles, and more. [...]

CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | Fitting in with the Jones’s, but Without a Lawn by Ron Vanderhoff

A couple of days ago, I received a question from a gardener, Christian in Newport Beach, that I think summarizes how a lot of homeowners might be feeling right now. Christian writes, “I want to get rid of my lawn completely; I’m tired of watering, fertilizing and mowing it. Also, I know that we are going into [...]

CA Friendly® Gardening Solutions | CA Friendly Plants for a Lavish Landscape with Tracy Wankner & Christian Lewis

Luxurious, lush, and lavish are all adjectives to describe the California Friendly plant palette. Our expert horticulturists, Tracy Wankner and Christian Lewis, will share ways to save water and transform your garden. You will no longer think of low water gardens as dry or sparse, as these plants will change your mind. Their passion for [...]

CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | Reduce Runoff and Water Use by Ron Vanderhoff

“Runoff” is a very bad feature of many landscapes. It is water that runs off our landscapes, down the street, and into the ocean; carrying a bit of our gardens with it; the fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants. From the Newport Coast development alone, 24 million gallons of contaminated runoff are ending up in our protected [...]

CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | Plants “Old and New” with Tim Fiskin

Join Tim Fiskin, Landscape General Manager and California Friendly garden expert as he discusses his favorite CA Friendly planting combinations.  Tim will review proven performers from the past, current new hybrids, as well as design combinations for both.

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CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | Lose the Lawn with Tim Fiskin

Gain insight from Tim Fiskin, Landscape General Manager & CA Friendly Specialist, as he presents design options for removing or editing your lawn. He will share plant combination ideas for potential lawn replacements and some of his favorite drought tolerant shrubs.

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California Friendly Solutions – Steps on How to Make Your Garden more CA Friendly with Tracy Wankner

Learn from expert horticulturist & CA Friendly specialist, Tracy Wankner, important steps and tactics on how to make your garden more CA Friendly and help conserve water. […]

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California Friendly Gardening Solutions | Easy Steps on Mulching with Tracy Wankner

Adding mulch to your garden is a great way to help you save water and make your landscape look brand new.  CA Friendly gardening expert, Tracy Wankner, shares some easy steps on how to add mulch to your garden and ultimately save water. […]

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CA Friendly® Gardening Solutions | Winner of 2014 CA Friendly Gardens Contest with Tracy Wankner

Expert horticulturist, Tracy Wankner, provides new tips on how to make your garden CA Friendly as she tours and interviews the winner of the 2014 CA Friendly Garden contest. […]

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CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | How to Kill Your Lawn by Ron Vanderhoff

The lawn that just won’t die! Surprisingly perhaps, that’s exactly the fear that many people have when contemplating switching their lawn to something else. We fuss and labor over our lawns. If we miss a watering, forget to fertilize or ignore our little green oases, we quickly see the outcome, browning, dieback, weeds, disease, [...]