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Gardening, Coffee & Conversations Series

Each month, we will gather in the Disneyland gazebo for a relaxed and intimate roundtable style discussion about seasonal garden topics. We provide the coffee and muffins, and you provide the topics. Bring a friend or two and stay for a few minutes or the entire hour while we learn from one another by sharing our garden successes [...]

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CA Friendly Gardening Solutions Series | Creating Color with California Friendly Plants with Lynn Hillman

Expert horticulturist, Lynn Hillman, shares ideas on how to design and maintain a colorful California Friendly landscape. She will provide plant options ranging from groundcovers to trees, explain why these plants work well in our climate, and offer plant pairings and design ideas to create an aesthetic landscape that is drought tolerant. Lynn will also [...]

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Gardening 101 for Beginners Series | Planting in Pots with Tracy Wankner

Join expert horticulturist, Tracy Wankner, for the first of an ongoing series of gardening for beginners seminar. Whether you’re a new homeowner, apartment dweller, college student, new gardener or simply retired with more time on your hands, planting in pots, bowls, baskets and other containers is a fabulous way to learn the basics of gardening. [...]

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