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Cool Seasons Tomatoes by Steve Hampson

When I lived on the east coast, the first October killing frost marked the end of the tomato season. Soon the ground would be frozen and covered with snow; and the taste of those juicy, flavorful fruit would become just a memory. This also meant that we would have to wait about eight months for [...]

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World Class Sweet Peas with Steve Hampson

Well-known horticulturist, Steve Hampson has been growing and trialing sweet pea varieties for 10 years. He has cultivated a wealth of knowledge about varieties that are truly exceptional including some modern sweet peas that have been bred for large, ruffled, fragrant blooms that are great for cutting. Steve will cover topics such as seed sowing, [...]

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My Edible Garden with Steve Hampson

Well-known horticulturist, Steve Hampson, will discuss everything edible, including vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries and more. Emphasis this month will be on planting the last of the cool season vegetables, starting warm season vegetable transplants from seed, insect control and fertilizing of fruit trees. Steve will lead a lively and interactive discussion about what, where and [...]

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Fall Is For Planting by Steve Hampson

I am often asked about the best time to plant a particular plant. I usually say something to the effect that most plants growing in containers can be planted almost any time of year, but ideally I would wait for the cooler part of the year, beginning with fall. Of course, there are usually exceptions [...]

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The Art of the Harvest by Steve Hampson

Okay, so you’ve planted your vegetable garden and also may have one or more fruit crops planted, too. Everything is growing well and looks great. You can just about taste your fruits and vegetables bursting with fresh flavor as you watch them growing larger and larger with each passing day; but at what stage do [...]

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Fragrant Sweet Peas for the Garden by Steve Hampson

Sweet Peas have been a favorite flower of mine since I was a kid, but growing up in New York and living in Pennsylvania much of my adult life, I found Sweet Pea growing to be a real challenge. Long, cold winters allowed them to be planted not until early April and by the time [...]

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