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CA Friendly Gardening Solutions Series | Creating Color with California Friendly Plants with Lynn Hillman

Expert horticulturist, Lynn Hillman, shares ideas on how to design and maintain a colorful California Friendly landscape. She will provide plant options ranging from groundcovers to trees, explain why these plants work well in our climate, and offer plant pairings and design ideas to create an aesthetic landscape that is drought tolerant. Lynn will also [...]

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My Edible Garden with Steve Hampson

Well-known horticulturist, Steve Hampson, will discuss everything edible, including vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries and more. Emphasis this month will be on planting the last of the cool season vegetables, starting warm season vegetable transplants from seed, insect control and fertilizing of fruit trees. Steve will lead a lively and interactive discussion about what, where and [...]

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California Friendly Gardening ® Solutions Contest

Enter Roger’s Gardens’ 8th Annual “The Orange County CALIFORNIA FRIENDLY ® Gardening Contest.” A California Friendly garden features smart and sustainable landscaping. It is designed in harmony with the surrounding environment using beautiful less-than-thirsty plants, state of the art irrigation control, and precision sprinkler heads. The CALIFORNIA FRIENDLY Garden Contest celebrates and rewards these outstanding [...]