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World Class Sweet Peas with Steve Hampson

Well-known horticulturist, Steve Hampson has been growing and trialing sweet pea varieties for 10 years. He has cultivated a wealth of knowledge about varieties that are truly exceptional including some modern sweet peas that have been bred for large, ruffled, fragrant blooms that are great for cutting. Steve will cover topics such as seed sowing, [...]

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Fragrant Sweet Peas for the Garden by Steve Hampson

Sweet Peas have been a favorite flower of mine since I was a kid, but growing up in New York and living in Pennsylvania much of my adult life, I found Sweet Pea growing to be a real challenge. Long, cold winters allowed them to be planted not until early April and by the time [...]

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Cut Flowers in February & March by Lew Whitney

February is usually the coldest and wettest month of the year in Southern California which begs the question… why would I want to garden? My first, personal answer is that I always love to garden, in particular to grow flowers for cutting, but if you are a little less devoted than I am, I have some [...]

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