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Outdoor Living Trends 2019 – Southern California Style

On Trend For 2019 Colors White is the color of choice for 2019 for outdoor living furniture and accessories; Any shade of white from polar to cream. Start with a neutral palette, but mix it up using colorful accessories, textiles & outdoor planter arrangements. [...]

Christmas Decorating Trends for 2016

Christmas Decorating Trends 2016 This is my favorite time of the year, when you feel the chill of autumn in the morning air, and you can sense the Holidays approaching. Just like in fashion, there are trends in Christmas decorating that are stand outs each year. Here are some of my favorites… while remembering that [...]

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CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | California Friendly Garden Winners Start a Trend

About a year ago, the Freemon’s decided they wanted a fresh look for their 28-year-old Huntington Beach garden. Their main motivation was the unattractive lawn that required constant watering. […]