Original Designs is one of the most iconic departments and highly sought-after services offered at Roger’s Gardens. Our Original Designs team creates unique, delightful and stunning arrangements for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Our Outdoor Planted Container Gardens are available in an array of decorative pots, baskets, and in a variety of other garden containers offered according to season. We can also custom plant something for you in your own container! Simply bring it in and we will work with you to create a truly personal and original arrangement.

Original Designs Heart Succulent Gardens

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have planted some wonderful heart shaped planters with succulents. Perfect gift for the outdoor gardener. Each one is uniquely planted, no two are exactly alike.


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Original Designs Planted Succulent Arrangement

Our new, Succulent Container Gardens are the perfect way to refresh your patio or porch for the New Year.  Clean, contemporary and low maintenance,
these containers require minimal water and elevate any area.

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Original Designs Lemon Cypress Topiaries

Start the New Year with a new look. Our Lemon Cypress planted containers are a nice way to refresh to any covered patio or porch. 


Original Designs Signature Hanging Baskets

Our Signature Hanging Baskets have been the heart and soul of the Original Designs department since its inception. They are the perfect addition to any portico or outdoor living area.

Choose one for sun or shade, and bring your basket back months later for a replanting.


Original Designs Pollinator & Butterfly Patio Planter

Pollinator & Butterfly Patio Garden

Attracting nature can be as simple as adding a few smartly designed planters, filled with plants that will attract butterflies and pollinators.

Original Designs Hummingbird Patio Planter

Hummingbird Patio Garden

Bring hummingbirds up close. Our collection of irresistible annuals and perennials are perfect for even the smallest of space.

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Original Designs Culinary Gardens

Culinary Container Gardens

Our Original Designs designers have planted up containers full of fresh vegetables and herbs, so you can have them at your fingertips. Perfect for salads, juices, dressings, seasoning meals, and simple cocktails.

Original Designs Succulent Container Gardens

Modern Succulent Container Gardens

Our new matte black collection of planted succulents is the perfect addition to your yard for the summer season. Low maintenance and high visual impact.

Original Designs Planted Succulents

We offer one of the most extensive collections of potted succulents in Southern California.

Our assortment of succulents range from small pots to large pots, as well as wreaths, hanging baskets, and even succulents planted in pieces of driftwood.