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Southern California Gardening

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Gardening in Southern California’s Mediterranean climate is like nowhere else. Our gardens don’t go to sleep in the winter – they come alive! We primarily plant in the fall, not the spring. Forget most of what you’ve heard about gardening – in our region, Fall is Spring, and Spring is Fall.

Southern California gardeners are also increasingly embracing the concept of their gardens as habitat. More and more often, gardeners are concerned about conserving resources, wanting to grow their own food, and structuring their outdoor spaces to be healthy, pesticide-free and organic.

Roger’s Gardens shares these beliefs. Let us help you bring natural, sustainable beauty to your home and garden!

Roger’s Recommends

Flowers & Color

Southern California really has two seasons, a cool season and a warm season. Successful flower gardening is about embracing these seasons and know when to plant and what to plant. Whether annuals or perennial, the cool growing season starts in mid fall with plants like violas, cyclamen, anemones, various daisies and dozens of others. The warm season begins in mid to late spring and brings forward summer flowers like impatiens and begonias, petunias, dahlias, roses and a hundred more.
Acknowledging our two seasons, cool and warm, and following their cycles will result in a flower show that will brighten your garden every day of the year.
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Whether a few herbs in a window box, vegetables in a raised bed or an entire orchard providing year-round fresh organic fruit, an edible garden is a part of almost every home.
In Southern California knowing what to plant and when to plant is the foundation of success. Roger’s Gardens recommends all of your garden be grown and maintained organically, especially your edibles. Use only organic soil amendments, organic nutrition and pest control. Conserve and encourage pollinators in your garden and get the whole family involved, especially your children.
There is enormous satisfaction in knowing that the lettuce in your salad, the herbs in your sauce, the tomato on your sandwich or the tangerine in your child’s lunch box is from your own garden.
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Your landscape says something about who you are, but more and more in Southern California it says something about where you are. Local landscapes now reflect our climate, our natural resources, our local plants and especially our unique climate. We live in a Mediterranean climate, where the winters are wet (usually) and mild and the summers are warm and dry. Southern California landscapes are increasingly embracing this incredible but unique climate and celebrating those plants that thrive in this climate.
Careful plant selections and combinations, seasonal change, habitat enhancement and especially reduced maintenance time and costs are all a part of a beautiful home landscape.
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Bird & Butterfly Gardens

Gardeners today know that their outdoor spaces aren’t just for them, but also for the animals, insects, birds and other wildlife. A habitat garden is full of life, all interacting with the plants. A healthy garden, well-planned and well-managed creates places for the organisms to hide, feed and reproduce.
A habitat garden can be as simple as the inclusion of a few native trees and shrubs or as complete as the homeowner is willing. Caring for the soil and enhancing the soil biology is a good place to start. Selecting trees, shrubs and ground covers that produce pollen for insects, larval food sources for other insects and butterflies is a key to creating habitat. Allowing a few seed heads and berries to remain in the garden also encourage wildlife and biodiversity. Plants feed insects and insects feed lizards, birds and other wildlife.
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