Forget The Hunger Games movie frenzy this weekend. Instead, stop by our Spring Opening starting Friday and check out this real-life fantasy dining experience. Even Eric Cortina, the amazing Oz behind the curtain of Roger’s creative designs, admits this “table setting” requires a very unique host or hostess. “It’s dining for one,” he said, while assembling the decaying logs, ferns, moss-covered rocks and orchids on the 14 x 4 foot table just in time for the weekend-long Spring Opening event.

“We wanted to create an organic table and I don’t think you can get any more organic than this,” he said. Eric, who is Roger’s Creative Director, explained that his inspiration for this fairyland setting–called The Forest Table–was from a photograph he saw of an old, abandoned southern mansion that had been overgrown by plants and left to decay. With help from his fellow designers, Eric used a 19th century prop chair and covered it in living moss and a fern springing from the cushion.

Apparently, the service was slow.

But no complaints. Who wouldn’t want to feast on a table with both live and fresh cut flowers and plants, such as these pixie-like Lady Slipper orchids, lush moss and verdant ferns? “I love the logs and the worlds within the worlds growing among them,” Eric said. “It’s a total fantasy.”

For those who like most of their dirt and fallen limbs to stay outside on the ground, but want to enjoy the exquisite, earthy mix of plants and flowers inspired by The Forest Table, Roger’s has put together these tabletop boxes, which will be available for purchase this weekend.