How important are tomatoes?

According to the 2015 Crop Report tomatoes are in the Top-10 valued commodities for California. Tomatoes
produced $1.71 billion for California farms and ranches.

Fruit or Vegetable?

Tomatoes are the fruit of a tomato plant.

How many varieties of tomatoes are there?

There are more than 5,000 cataloged Heirloom and Hybrid tomato varieties. Tomatoes also come in all colors of the rainbow.

How much does a tomato truck hold?

A typical tomato truck holds 50,000 pounds of tomatoes, which is about 300,000 tomatoes.

Why are tomato trucks uncovered?

Time. During the height of the season, California tomato growers are producing 2,000,000,000 pounds of tomatoes per week! To put that in perspective that is 40,000 tomato trucks each carrying 300,000 tomatoes. The other main reason is that since tomato harvest is in the summer, covering the trucks could result in the tomatoes being damaged by the trapped heat.

What are the health benefits of tomatoes?

Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A and C and are naturally low in calories. They are also an excellent source of lycopene, which is the pigment that makes tomatoes red and has been linked to the prevention of many types of cancer. Tomatoes can prevent cardiovascular diseases, help purify cigarette smoke carcinogens, are full of minerals and vitamins, help lower hypertension, regulate blood levels, help dissolve gallstones, reduce the severity of blood clots, help treat inflammation, and more.

Why should you grow your own tomatoes?

Tomatoes are easy plants to grow, provide good yields for the amount of space they use, and are rich in vitamins.
Growing your own vegetables lets you control what comes in contact with your food such as fertilizers and pesticides.
Harvesting tomatoes can be enjoyable as well. The freshness of a hand-picked tomato will have immense amounts of flavor compared to a store bought tomato that was picked early and not allowed to mature.

American habits

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat between 22- 24 pounds of tomatoes per person, per year. (More than half of those munchies are ketchup and tomato sauce.)

Are they toxic?

While tomatoes are perfectly safe and healthy to eat, their leaves are actually toxic!

Biggest worldwide producers of tomatoes

The largest worldwide producer of tomatoes is China, followed by the USA, Turkey, India and Egypt.

Biggest U.S. producers

California produces 96% of the tomatoes processed in the U.S and Florida is the number one producer of fresh market tomatoes.

Tomato Fight

The biggest tomato fight in the world happens each year in the small Spanish town of Buñol. The festival called La
Tomatina, involves some 40,000 people throwing 150,000 tomatoes at each other.

Flesh or Water?

94.5% of tomato’s weight is water.

How to Store your fruit

Tomatoes can keep longer if you store them with their stem down. Refrigeration decreases flavor and quality of

Garden Favorite

93% of American gardening households grow tomatoes! It’s the most popular vegetable in the US.

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