Spring is here and it’s time celebrate with color!… Here’s an new twist on floral design from Roger’s Gardens creative minds. Inspired by some of the new Pantone colors for 2016 we created floral arrangements using these color inspirations…

Theme: Garden Party Style

Color Palette:

  • Iced Coffee- New color for 2016
  • Mint
  • Citron
  • Crème
  • White

This color way is suited for romantic garden style floral designs, with its soft lines and subtle shades of whites, crème and green. This style is lush and compact with an unstructured feeling.  You can use single statement pieces along with multiple smaller satellite arrangements to complete the look.

Theme: Organic Earth Style

Color Palette:

  • Celadon
  • Mint
  • Gray
  • Green Flash- New color for 2016
  • Iced Coffee- New color for 2016

A floral design favorite that is called  “organic”  is being updated this season. it’s been with us for a couple of years but a new twist with elements of glass and wood vessels and succulents mixed with garden flowers.

Theme: Coral Crush Style

Color Palette:

  • Peach Echo- New Color for 2016
  • Buttercup- New Color for 2016
  • Fiesta- New Color for 2016
  • Coral
  • Carnation Pink

This festive color scheme is a party favorite; it’s bright, bold and beautiful. Spring and summer months are suited best for this flower selection, if you can find coral peonies anywhere, I say buy them immediately!

Theme: Why so blue?… Lavender, Blues and Purples

Color Palette: All New Colors for 2016

  • Lilac Gray
  • Snorkel Blue
  • Serenity
  • Rose Quartz

I love the relaxed feeling this color design has when arranged. It runs from pale lavender and gray to deep blue and purple. Natural blue flowers are found in nature, but should be used strategically when arranging them.