Whether designing a new landscape , or redesigning an existing landscape, the issue of tree size is an important factor. At Roger’s Gardens Landscape we have been designing and building landscapes for over thirty years. We learn fast what works and what doesn’t when you are responsible for the translation of design into reality. With respect to tree sizing, we feel the concept of balance is often missed.

No doubt, large trees are good for business. They cost more, and require more labor to plant. If a client absolutely wants the largest trees available, we can certainly accommodate this request. The problem occurs when balance is not achieved, and balance is a concept at the heart of any good design.

At Roger’s Gardens Landscape we strive to have a balance in the hierarchy of sizes and shapes in any garden. If you go big with the trees and do not follow through with the other layers below, then you wipe out the balance in the garden. Too often we see this very scenario – oversized trees with wimpy understory plantings.

If it is in the budget to upsize mid and lower level plantings to match larger trees, then we are all for it. However, we would never advise our clients to sacrifice shrubbery sizes simply to accommodate larger trees dominating the budget. We would much rather see medium sized trees and more solid, balanced shrubbery sizing. This gives the garden a more realistic sense of scale from the outset, allowing an immediate view of the original design intent.

In short, don’t be enamored with giant trees unless you plan to back that scale up with larger shrubbery. At Roger’s Gardens Landscape, we can guide you through the options to achieve the most value for your landscape budget.