Several of our local “green foliage shrubs” have started turning a yellow to orange to a bronze coloration mostly, but not exclusively, affecting the tips of the plant. Buxus commonly known as Boxwood is one of those shrubs that is creating concerns due to the leaves changing color.

Not to worry. The color change is due to cooler night temperatures. In years past, the night temperatures have averaged around 50F which Boxwood tolerates easily. These past couples of months, night temperatures have dropped down to the low 40s. The lower night temperatures are little chilly for Boxwood especially newly planted or plants in containers.

As the night temperatures start to rise over 52F the plant will again push new green foliage.

This would be a good time to add fertilizer and compost and let the El Nino rain work it in to the soil for you. Other plants affected by the cold are Ligustrums (Privets), Blueberries and young or potted citrus.