Allen W. Cunningham

Allen’s love of vintage storybooks set the stage for his imaginative doll creations. His sculpted characters are handmade from paper clay and each piece is impeccably dressed then finished with handmade accessories. Allen creates a variety of dolls; however he is especially fond of creating Halloween figures.



Joyce Stahl

Joyce is a full time Halloween artist from Ohio. She spent many years as an illustrator and muralist before conjuring up her “Little Enchanted Ones” line of one-of-a-kind dolls. With her background in Theatre and love of Halloween, Joyce works with fine fabrics, antique lace, vintage buttons, wool, and paints to create her mischievous cast of frightfully delightful characters.  View More.


Pat Murphy

Inspired by the teddy bear her sister had as a child, Pat decided to try making scruffy antique-like bears for her children. 25 years later she still finds herself stitching together these adorable, mohair bears and dresses them up in old textiles. Their vintage flare and their charm has caught the eye of many folk art enthusiasts and they have become a prized collection to many. View More.


Scott Smith

Scott Smith is a full time artist working from his ‘Rucus Studio’ in Michigan. His overactive imagination is nourished by people, nature and the past. Autumn, with the harvest and fall leaves, sets the color palette for most of his Halloween art. He is fascinated by antiques and loves the notion of giving life to something that once had a purpose, but whose time has run out. Each of his curious and unpredictable characters is made from an original sculpture and finished with a variety of materials. Scott’s work has been seen in numerous national and international magazines.  View More >>

Vaillancourt Folk Art

Judi Vaillancourt is a trained artist with a love for holidays and antiques. When she received three antique chocolate molds from her husband Gary, inspiration developed. These molds led her to her creation of unique hand-painted Chalkware figures. She took these figures to folk art craft fairs all throughout the country and as they were selling out her husband saw the potential, quit his job, and helped her create her business. Now a family affair, Vaillancourt Folk Art has taken off and has become a collection to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Vergie Lightfoot

Vergie has been creating original art for over 25 years in her California studio. She has a love for Halloween and Christmas as they remind her of the child-like feeling she had growing up. Each piece takes countless hours to shape, and is completely made by hand. With hauntingly realistic glass eyes her pumpkins and cats come to life and make a great addition to the Halloween season.


Wilhelm Schweizer

These miniature works of art are handmade and painted in Bavaria, Germany. Each piece is individually cast using molds engraved in slabs of slate, then painted by hand. The intricacy of the finished pieces is testimony to the pewter caster’s skill. Since 1796 the Schweizer family has kept this rich tradition alive. Even today they base their designs on original pieces often hundreds of years old.


William Bezek

William Bezek has been a professional artist since his senior year of high school, holding an illustration job at a textile printing company daily after classes. He then studied fine art at San Francisco’s Academy of Art College before working as a visual merchandiser, showing paintings and sculptures in galleries, creating for television production, and designing scenic and costume for theater. We are pleased to share his sculpted and painted Petrified Pillar & Terrified Taper candles with our guests this Halloween.


Byers Choice

The Byers family brings the spirit of Halloween to life with their collection of Carolers. Every Caroler is proudly handcrafted in their Pennsylvania workshop by a team of skilled artists. Each Caroler begins with a coat hanger; plaster is poured, clay is sculpted, faces are painted, and outfits are stitched. The final piece is a timeless holiday decoration.


St. Nicholas Collection

Elaine Roesle has been creating in her Ohio studio since 1978. From the initial pouring and firing to the final painting and dressing, each piece is lovingly made by hand. Using vintage fabrics each of these beautiful treasures is a one-of-a-kind heirloom to be treasured forever. They are signed and dated by the artist.


Wendy Addison

Californian artisan, Wendy Addison studied fine art at an early age. In 1993 she opened her studio in an old garage. Combining her love of art and antiques she began to create what she called ‘objects for an imaginary life’. Using antique materials found at flea markets; old sheet music, tarnished tinsel, vintage crepe paper, Victorian scrap, and silver glass glitter Addison’s work connects with some lost sense of magic from times past.



Sylvr’s shrines are inspired by her visits to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Surrounded by the dimly lit neo-gothic architecture she was mesmerized by the play of candle light upon gilded surfaces. Drawing on her varied background in fashion and window display, Sylvr seamlessly blends together her inspirations to create a unique one-of-a-kind style. Each one of her pieces is painstakingly assembled using mixed medias. A single crystal in one eye is her signature.


Nicol Sayre

Nicol creates at her home studio in California. Her figures and dolls are a reflection of her passion for collecting antique dolls, toys, vintage fabrics, trims and household implements. Nicol has traveled the world in search of the perfect element for each of her creations. It is from these collections that she draws her inspiration. Each of her one-of-a-kind papier-mâché dolls is made by hand, clothed in vintage fabrics and completed with handmade or collectible accessories.