The Roger’s Gardens Designer Program is for professional businesses and individuals in the design, installation or maintenance trades who are buying and re-selling our products to their clients. It is not for personal use and is not available for business outside of the design, installation and maintenance trades.

To be considered, please complete the application below. Allow a minimum of five (5) business days for us to verify this information. If you are approved, you will receive an email notification.

    Designer Trade Application

    Trade benefits are available for resale purchases only and not for personal use.
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    I understand that trade benefits and pricing are available only for items I am re-selling to one of my clients as a part of my business. I will not be purchasing items within this program for my personal use and I understand that doing so may remove me from the Designer Trade Program.

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    1. The discount level will begin at 20%. If purchases are maintained above $10,000 in each 12 month period, the discount will raise to 25%.
    2. Special pricing and other benefits are available to the approved company and its agents as listed above. These benefits are not extended to these companies’ clients or other second parties.
    3. Minimum purchases are required to maintain benefits. Currently, additional benefits are available for trade customers exceeding $10,000 in a 12-month period.
    4. Payment for all purchases must be made using a company form of payment. The legal business name and/or DBA must be imprinted on all credit cards or checks to receive trade pricing and benefits. Personal credit cards and checks cannot be accepted to receive trade benefits.
    5. This application may take up to five (5) business days to approve prior to the issuance of any associated benefits.
    6. Due to the perishability of items, limited space and liability, Roger’s Gardens will only store live plant merchandise for 10 calendar days. Decorative items can only be stored for 20 calendar days. Items left at Roger’s Gardens beyond this period, without the prior consent of Roger’s Gardens, will be subject to storage fees. Unclaimed items will be disposed of at Roger’s Gardens discretion.
    7. All Special Order items are final. Absolutely no refunds, returns, exchanges or credits are available once these orders are placed.
    8. Roger’s Gardens reserves the right to change benefits, discounts or other terms of this agreement without notice.