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Plumeria Care for Socal Climates

Plumerias are beautiful, colorful flowering plants that produce numerous flowers with fragrant scents. These flowers are famously recognized in Hawaiian leis and are easy to grow in our Southern California climate. It’s impossible to track all the different flowers and scents because there are countless varieties, however the pink, yellow and white varieties seem [...]

Behind the Curtain | Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween 2014 – The “Before”

I love design blogs and I love design shows. I especially love great “before” and “after” comparison pictures. And the only thing I love more than that is when they show the “Great Reveal”. That’s when some lucky home, restaurant or bakery owner sees their newly remodeled home, restaurant or bakery (I may or may not [...]

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Behind the Curtain | Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween 2014 – Halloween in July

I’m not sure where the phrase ‘Christmas in July’ came from but around here it’s ‘Halloween in July.’ If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few years, then you already know how we have to start extra early on some of the bigger projects. If you’re new here, well, we have to start [...]

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Behind the Curtain | Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween 2014 – Welcome To My Nightmare

As a visual merchandiser, I spend a great deal of time working on displays and interacting with customers as they come and go. I do tend to overhear some conversations as well which leads me to this observation. I’ve noticed something over the past few years that seems even more apparent this year. […]

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Do It Yourself | Vintage French Shadowbox | A Tutorial

I just love the look of vintage french typography on furniture and wall plaques that I’m seeing everywhere right now! Have you seen furniture painted in that yummy chalk paint with it’s soft antique waxed surface? Wouldn’t you love to know how you can create that same look? I did and so I experimented and [...]

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Collectible Artisans by Hedda Staines

One of the things I love about Christmas at Roger’s Gardens is the amazing selection of hand-made, artisan pieces that we have to offer, particularly the pieces made here in the USA. I also love the relationship that we have with these artists, many of whom create special pieces exclusively for us. Here are a [...]

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Day of Art by Theresa Marino

Over a hundred years ago, landscape artists from the East Coast migrated to California for the light. The colors of our ocean and landscapes were vivid, the atmosphere was different; it was the land of sunshine. With this migration, the artists called the movement “California Impressionism.” It was a romantic time, experiencing and documenting California [...]

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